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Saturday, January 30th 2010

7:06 AM

Not worth it... let go

The fucking moisture...
Its 7 in the morning. Tried sleeping but thoughts just... just not letting myself sleep. Happy enough to be miserable and what not I suppose. Now I'm up, or rather pretending I'm up but mostly staggering. The Water heater in the toilet broke ... I know the feeling. Life feels like a nuisance some times.
The fucking moisture isn't helping the situation either.
My back feels like its smuggling electricity, and I hate ... someone... or everyone... except one... so almost everyone. Small Victories... not misanthrope then, not quite there yet.
And the moisture.. FUUUUCK.
Head hurts and feet feel numb from the cold... I generally feel numb... Iv tossed and turned for the past 2 hours having imaginary conversations... I even hate imaginary people right now. I especially hate the anthropomorphic personification of the moisture... I hate him the most... the special kind of hate that you only reserve for people you never met... Its not possible to fully hate someone you met because They are real, random people like the idiot who cut you off on the road, now THAT guy you can truly hate.

Will try to drink coffee without vomiting now, must look human... take care.


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